What walking shoes are best for preventing plantar fasciitis and walking on concrete?

With so many walking shoes out there, it can be bewildering trying to choose which pair you should buy.

Nowadays it is common for people to spend most of their days walking around on concrete and other hard surfaces, especially in urban areas. Another increasingly common problem is plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of ligaments in the foot that causes debilitating pain. Here is a roundup of the best shoes for walking on concrete, and the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis.

If you are shopping for walking shoes, you need to look for good heel support, which helps absorb shock, arch support, and good cushioning all around the shoe. According to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society’s website, walking shoes have more rounded soles than running shoes to ensure a more even distribution of body weight. This prevents the foot from becoming tired over a long day’s walking on concrete, and helps to prevent flareups of plantar fasciitis.

With that in mind, it’s not a good idea to simply use your favorite running shoes for long walks. As you will be on your feet a lot longer your weight needs to be distributed more evenly. and there should be cushioning in the midsole as well as on the heel. For that reason it’s best to buy a dedicated pair of walking shoes, even though running shoes are designed to prevent plantar fasciitis.

For men the Brook’s Addiction Walker offers sporty styling and great technical features. The full-grain leather upper provides great support while maintaining the comfort more associated with running shoes. Don’t let the slightly higher price put you off, these shoes are worth the investment and are defiantly one of the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

While these models take style cues from athletic shoes, there are other walking shoes that have a more casual aesthetic. After all, you might need to look slightly more business-like as you go about your day. The Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat strikes a balance between a smart look and high performance, allowing supreme comfort as you flit between business meetings and lunch appointments.

Of course the most important thing when buying any footwear is to get a proper fitting to find out which shoes are best suited to your feet. Walking shoes are not something that you should buy online, at least not without getting some professional help first.

Brook’s Addiction Walker

best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis

The Orthaheel Women’s Walker fits all of these requirements and has received hundreds of great reviews from satisfied customers, who report that its specially-designed heel cup reduced chronic pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Not only does the Walker offer great comfort, it looks the part too. There is no need to sacrifice style thanks to the use of high-quality materials and strong design values.


For men the New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe comes in a smart black and brown leather finish, and all of the technical expertise afforded by the company’s long athletic history. Of all the walking shoes out there for sufferers of plantar fasciitis and those who walk on concrete, these are among the best


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