The shoes you want if your looking for the best money can buy

The human foot comes in many different shapes and sizes, with many people suffering from a condition known as collapsed arches, or “flat feet.”

This particular condition can cause discomfort and is associated with other problems. According to the NHS website, flat feet can cause pain in the ankles of individuals , feet of the ladies or men,lower legs, hips, knees, or lower back. Those with flat feet often find that they suffer from overpronation, which causes the foot to roll inwards too much with every step. Not only does this make shoes wear out quickly, it is also associated with injuries.

More than 60 million Americans are having flat feet, luckily shoe manufacturers have responded by making incredibility good shoes for flat feet. These shoes generally offer built-in arches and improved ankle support to compensate for the collapsed arches of the feet and reduce possible leg pain. Here are some of the best walking shoes for those with flat feet.

Motion control walking shoes

Many people spend a lot of time on their feet, even if they work a desk-based job. It’s worth investing in decent shoes for your commute to work, which can then be used on your days off. You should generally look for shoes with a raised insole, which provides more support for the foot and ankle, improving comfort on long walks.

Additionally there are other specific features which will help out even further. Motion control walking shoes add more support for the mid-foot, while also boasting reinforcement at the heel and a cardboard piece that stabilizes the shoe. There are a number of motion control walking shoes on the market, including the Saucony Grid Integrity ST, the Asics Gel Foundation Walker and the New Balance 659.

Walking shoes with great support for flat feet

New Balance is particularly conscious of the difference between walking and running shoes, and its the company’s 928 are some really good shoes for flat feet. If you are looking to hit the trails, there are umber of more rugged options which still provide the extra support that you need.

The Brooks Beast, Solomon XR Crossmax and the Patagonia Spotter Trail will all ensure comfort and support along with durable materials. Flat feet do not have to mean holding back on more extreme pursuits! For even rockier terrain, look into heavy duty models. Among the best for flat feet are the Keen Ketchum, the New Balance 1569 and the Adidas Terrex.

Shoes with built-in arches

Walking shoes from brands such as Asics, Saucony and New Balance have built-in arches, but in extreme cases the support may not be sufficient. Another option is to order custom-built arches following a foot exam. Once the laboratory sends your arches back, you simply slide them into your shoe to add the specific amount of support necessary for your foot.

Once again these are recommendations based on customer reviews and feedback, but shoes are an incredibly personal piece of equipment. If you are looking to invest in some of the best walking shoes for flat feet, be sure to try out a number of options to work out which brand and model suits your feet the best.


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