The Absolute Best Walking Shoes For Flat feet

If you are one of the 25% of the population that suffers from flat feet, you know all about the pain on your heels and toes that occurs due to the lack of shock absorption provided by arches. You may even suffer from the uneven or titled foot syndrome brought on by years of walking on flat feet. Fortunately, there is a simple way to relieve the everyday pain and stress on your feet, improve walking ability, and ward off the long term negative effects of flat feet. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes that provides the support you need for your foot condition. The best walking shoes for flat feet will provide immediate relief in your everyday walking ability and work to reverse the damage brought on by complications from this condition.

When it comes to choosing a pair of suitable walking shoes for the flat foot sufferer, the main thing you want is support. Flat feet need more support for walking than arched feet, so a good flat foot shoe will be sturdy enough to hold your foot in place, supporting it from the slipping and sliding that really brings the pain to your flat feet. They will also have a high cushion level, shielding your extra-sensitive feet from trauma by absorbing shock and providing the extra comfort that will make your walk more enjoyable and allow you to cover greater distances. The best walking shoes for flat feet will make it feel like you are walking on air, and fortunately for you there is a wide variety of highly rated walking shoes to choose from.

First up we have the Asics Gel Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe. This shoe comes very highly rated by flat foot sufferers and features molded insoles that provide top arch and heel alignment. The gel cushioning system provides all the support you need and doesn’t make the shoe too bulky or add weight like with other gel systems. Finally, the Neo 4s provide the stability any flat footed individual craves, allowing them to walk for long distances without the usual pain and suffering.

Another terrific option is is the New Balance 1260V4 series. These walking shoes boast an 8mm midsole drop that provides incredible corrective support and cushioning that shields heels from the shock of even the longest of journeys. These shoes are extra-breathable as well, so if you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy the bulkier forms of running shoes then these may be for you.

Finally, we have the Mizuno Wave Inspire 11s. These popular shoes are known to improve drastically with each new series, and the 11s are certainly no exception. They provide a substantial corrective arch that never distracts from activity and the toe box is far more roomy than any other walking shoe. They even have inside straps that buckle your feet in for that extra support you need. These shoes are light and breathable with their mesh exterior, and their synthetic grip soles allow for maximum traction while walking on any type of surface.

As walking shoe technology keeps getting better, flat foot sufferers can rejoice in knowing the support, comfort, and relief they need is just a shoe purchase away. You shouldn’t have to let pain keep you from walking or any of the other activities you enjoy, and the best walking shoes for flat feet will help you walk in comfort for many years to come.


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