10 Best Tents for Backpacking


In case you’re going backpacking, your 3 bulkiest objects could be your pack itself, your napping bag and your tent. So it makes sense to spend money on a respectable lightweight and compact one. We checked out options on the market, taking into account the weight, the size it packed all the way down to, the sort of situations it withstood and how easy  to pitch it was (bearing in mind after a walk setting it up and taking it down is difficult when you’re tired). Our spherical-up exhibits the first-rate that this year has to provide.


1. Vango Helix 100: £89.99 [amazon asin=B00HV9Y7TS&template=add to cart]

Available for one, two or 3 human beings, this traditional two pole tunnel tent is distinctly compact, and you may be able to get it up in five minutes. The seals are watertight, the fabric is durable and it’s simple to pack up in the morning. We like the reflective features too, making it simple to find even in pitch black.


2. Olpro The Amberley


This 6kg, two-individual tent is a exquisite one for cyclists – first of all because it includes a separate porch vicinity, and secondly as it packs down right into a 38x30x23cm , because of this it will in shape into a pannier. it may hold 5 metres of water, with an fantastic hydrostatic head (HH) score for waterproofing, and in our test, it took one man or woman 10 mins to pitch.

3. Skyrocket II Dome Tent: £182 [amazon asin=B00PIWJXWG&template=add to cart]


Jack Wolfskin
This superbly mild four-season trekking tent for two is ideal in case you’re warding off an intrepid experience. Its simple to pitch and easy to ventilate without opening the tent up whilst it’s raining, in addition to incorporating features that push cool air upwards and prevent condensation build-up. It additionally has particularly bendy, yet strong, poles – extremely good for robust winds.

4. Robens Raptor: £295, [amazon asin=B00HQLODPE&template=add to cart]


Robens Raptor
The Raptor, which recently scooped a prestigious award from leading EU adventure magazine, outdoor, will stand upright with out the want for pegs, because of this you could pass the tent to the high-quality spot earlier than if you were pegging. It could be pitched through one individual in less than five minutes – essential for barren region conditions – and the greater lateral pole travels the period of the tent alongside its ridge for balance. It weighs simply 3kg, with an outstanding pack size of 44x18cm. Made for 3 seasons, it’s very easy to pitch and has two doorways and roomy porches – a beneficial function for when the weather turns.

5. Shadow 200; £65 [amazon asin=B00I3IQTKQ&template=add to cart]


Can be bough from 2 person, right as much as 5 person, this one is a notable low price range alternative. We think it’s a fantastic buy for the price, with a simple lightweight tunnel layout and easy, fast pitching. The groundsheet is detachable, which means you could leave it out if a moist vicinity is required for muddy tools, as well as making tent drying and upkeep less complicated. Its tub form means it has raised sides to keep out draughts and water.

6. Coleman Monviso two hundred: £129.50 [amazon asin=B00HQLNJAE&template=add to cart]


Coleman Monviso 2
If you’re after headroom, this extended dome shape – which comes as a two or three individual tent – is sure to enchant you. There’s a roomy porch, that is brilliant for storing anything from cooking gear to muddy boots, and the poles are robust, sufficient enough to stand up to harsh winds, at the same time as the hydrostatic head (HH) score is nicely above the desired level – wonderful for unpredictable British weather. Weighing simply over 3kg, it has a packsize of 39x17x16cm.

7. Scorpion 2: £212.95 [amazon asin=B003U94ONC&template=add to cart]


Snugpak Scorpion 2
This is a sturdy and sturdy, three-season tent that have to remaining you a lifetime. napping two effortlessly, it is light to hold or even lighter if you break up the load between each backpackers. you could pitch it within a few minutes and it’s got lots of useful garage wallet. It’s exceptional for absolutely everyone underneath six foot, as it’s now not as roomy within the sleeping compartment as some.

8. Pressure Ten Helium Carbon 200: £460

Force Ten Helium Carbon
This particularly-technical tent is a firm favourite amongst critical hikers. a few pretty special substances integrate collectively to produce a two-berth tent that weighs less than a kilo. It makes properly use of each inch of area and some impressive engineering has ensured it is extremely strong.

9. Robens Buzzard: £243 [amazon asin=B00HQLLEWO&template=add to cart]

Robens Buzzard
This award-prevailing tent weighs much less than 2 pounds and, with a bit of good technique, can be pitched in three to 4 minutes with out breaking a sweat – ideal everywhere intrepid in which you may not afford to take longer. Numerous functions make this viable, consisting of very few pegging factors and most effective the primary pole needs inserting.


10. Lansan Ultralight: £119.99 [amazon asin=B00TY3T40G&template=add to cart]


Kathmandu 2
Designed for hiking or cycle journeying, this tent is simple and streamlined, with highly lightweight and weatherproof substances and lots of space for two people and their tools, due to the protected area just outside the door. This space additionally means you may cook dinner within the tent with out unsavoury results, due to the fact the gasses can break out without coming into the sleeping space. For hot nights, pitch the breathable inner on its lonesome.
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The Snugpak Scorpion 2 is a three-season tent that will stay with you a lifetime, just take a look at the if the size will give you the results you want. For a budget purchase, our vote is going to  Vango Helix 100. It dosent have the bells and whistle of a few on the listing however it’ll do  its job simply without adding an excessive amount of bulk in your pack.


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